Who We Are / Acreditations

CBN is formed by a group of operatives selected not only for their experience in their fields, but for their personal and moral values.

They all treat their missions with a similar outlook, one of completing the mission to the very end, protecting their principal from any danger, eventuality or even from themselves.


After going through a long and tedious process of interviews and credentials checking, the aspiring operatives go through a rigorous training program given by CBN’s training department. It includes both basic and advanced training curriculums for VIP protection. They must complete this training to qualify for operative status, regardless of past training or field experience.

They also must pass a shooting qualifier every two months in order to continue in active status on the streets.


CBN has operatives from very diverse backgrounds, like dignatary protection, heads of security for resorts and companies, military operatives from different branches of the service and different countries, intelligence operators. Some of them are even pilots of airplanes, helicopters or both.

They are also trained in hand to hand combat, as well as surveillance and counter surveillance.


CBN’s operatives interact without difficulty in any situation or social group. They are all bilingual and in some cases speak several languages. They are not the common stereotype bodyguard, with dark sunglasses, huge muscles, and bad attitude. They are polite, educated and above all, professionals.


Simply put, they are protection specialists.



CBN is a member of IBN, the biggest association of bodyguards worldwide. We are certified by them as a “World Chapter”


We also work with one of the largest aviation security firms.


Certified also by Omni Institute in Dallas, Texas,  as a protection specialists company.


Our instructors are qualified by one of the most respected Israeli security and protection companies.


CBN is the only company in the Caribbean Basin that has international, both Israeli and American accreditations.






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