Our philosophy is very simple and is embodied in our ideal, Duty.


All of our operatives firmly believe that duty is the backbone of a protection specialist. The duty of completing the mission to protect their principal goes beyond a simple job and makes a specialist go the extra mile for the duration of the mission, completing it according company profile and local laws.


CBN’s philosophy is directly linked to that of the feudal Japan’s samurai, one of the first truly and real protectors in history.


These formidable warriors would give their lives to protect their lord to whom they were sworn to protect.  From this comes our ideal, duty or “giri”, its Japanese word and part of our logo. Giri was their strength. Now is ours.


Without such a strong philosophy, we would be what many security companies are, merely figurative personnel just working for money, thinking of their VIPs as numbers. Just thinking about profit. Another face that tomorrow will go and another will replace.


The client is more than a number. Is a father, a husband, a daughter. Someone important for our society. It is an individual with responsibilities an image to protect, with a family to come back to. Our duty is to help complete that cycle.


Our satisfaction is that at the end of the day our principal returns home uneventfully. We work so nothing happens, and if it does it is treated professionally and according to training and profile, without physical or moral damage.

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